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The Roman Baths

Updated: Jul 14, 2018

In my previous post, I visited Bath, ending with The Roman Baths which i was dying to see. I entered this incredible place, where I was given a gadget which I can only describe as an old school house phone. The first wireless type. You know the ones I mean. Upon walking around the building, there are numbers randomly placed near historical pieces and artefacts. You can type the numbers into the phone, and a little clip will explain each piece. As a solo traveller, this was fabulous. The atmosphere was wonderful and it really helped to put my anxiety at ease.

The first sighting of the main Bath was from a balcony view. This led the whole way around the Bath. Stunning views. It really is an amazing sight. The architecture is sublime which I didn't expect anything less to be honest.

The path follows around and heads indoors where you learn about the history of The Roman Baths. They really were obsessed with bathing!

I won't waffle on any longer. But honestly, If you get the chance to visit Bath, this is a must. At the end of the experience, there is a fountain of mineral water for visitors to taste. It is supposed to heal all of your illnesses and cleanse you.

It definitely tastes like medicine :P

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