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The Lost Gardens Of Heligan

Updated: Jul 20, 2018

So someone found the gardens... and it's open to the public!

After having the worst nights sleep so far (who else finds it hard to sleep in places you don't know?), I was not ready for the day. It was looking difficult but I knew I had limited time in Cornwall, and I needed to get up! I did my usual morning routine, and set out to the location. As I arrived, the signs were simple to follow and once you purchase a ticket you are given a map to take with you. I set off down the Woodland lane to see where this path would take me. There were many performance stages, for events that take place on the grounds. I really think it would be something worth seeing one day. There was also the Wire Woman sculpture which was amazing!

This path lead around to The Jungle. This was my favourite part of the place. With palm trees and many exotic plants, it really felt exciting and it had a real "abroad" vibe. It was very steep in some places, up and down, but it allowed me to push myself and see what my body is actually capable of. And also ladies, it's great for toning the bum and legs! I cam across a rope bridge which at first glance my anxiety screamed. I am not a heights fan. Alas I was determined to go across. So I had a pep talk with myself and I took the first step. As I walked across I was rewarded with some incredible views. I simply had to go across again!

This wonderful place is one big adventure. It gives you the opportunity to really reflect and be within nature. There are lots of different sections, in fact the place is so big that I didn't get to see all of it. On one occasion I was sat on a bench and a small robin came and sat next to me. I felt so happy!

For a lone traveller, this was a fabulous place to relax. There have been many moments in my journey were my anxiety has been very high, so being able to explore and get lost in the woods was just what I needed. There are benches frequently placed so that you can really sit and absorb everything and also just take your time.

I headed to the cafe for a bite to eat; Orange and Coriander soup with some bread, all Gluten and Dairy free. In fact the waiter was so helpful, he even showed me around all of my different options and helped me decide.

Get yourselves to this wonderful location for a great adventure. Don't forget, wear trainers, there's a lot of walking :)

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