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St Michael's Mount

Thursday the 12th arrived and I started the long Journey to Cornwall for my four night stay. My accommodation with situated in Lostwithiel; a beautiful place where the roads look like they belong in a fairy tale. The banks are high, the rocks are smothered in moss and the trees create the perfect arch for you to drive under. I arrived after driving through the worst rain I have ever seen!

The owners greeted me upon arrival, a lovely couple called Bob and Toops. The place is their home, and I had access to the whole of the downstairs floor. This included my room, the kitchen, a gym area and the toilet/shower room. I was shattered after arriving, so I got my head down for a nap.

I won't lie, I said these posts will be real. After I had arrive here, I wanted to leave go home. My anxiety was raised, my depression was triggered and I have never felt so alone. I felt very home sick and I missed my pets like mad. I was so far from home all on my own. I stayed in bed all evening and cried for most of it, reaching out to a few friends. To those of you who have supported me through this journey, I can't thank you enough. After a few pep talks with friends and myself, I settled in for the night ready to face whatever tomorrow was to bring.

I awoke. Not bright eyed and bushy tailed but I awoke. I got up, I showered and decided on my outfit for the day; a very cute playsuit from H&M. Make up and breakfast done and I was ready. Well, as ready as I would ever be!

I followed my tapping techniques learnt in my Hypnotherapy sessions and set up my sat nav. Today's adventure would be St Michael's Mount.

Lostwithiel to St Michaels Mount via Google Maps

The journey was nice and easy, the traffic was ideal, and when I arrived there were several car parks available. After parking up, I paid for 24 hours, making sure I gave myself plenty of time with no need to rush. I do find that with anxiety, there are ways to make things a little easier for yourself. Small things. Like this parking. It made me know that I didn't have to rush and be on edge the whole time, allowing me to enjoy myself. The walk was around twenty two minutes, but along the beach. It was stunning with some utterly wonderful weather

As I got closer, I saw the famous path that leads you literally across the sea. It is glorious! I felt overwhelmed with how much beauty my own country has. Stunning blue sky's, with the sun beaming down. It was simply beautiful.

After stopping off at the cafe for a bite to eat; a gluten and dairy free gammon, apple and cheese toastie, I set off up the mount towards the castle. Ladies and gentlemen please wear appropriate shoes. I did not. It was like mountain climbing in sandals! Alas, I carried on, I was going to reach the top. With several stops in between, I finally made it. And what a view. I couldn't believe how incredible it looked. I was here, on my own, in Cornwall at St Michael's Mount, and in that moment I felt completely alive.

The walk around the castle was delightful, going at my own pace and absorbing my day. The route was clear and easy to follow with lots to look at and learn. There are several points in the castle that lead you outside for more incredible views and opportunities to take photos. I headed over to the gardens for around half past four. To get to the gardens, you have to walk up another hill, by this point, you would have mastered hill climbing. With even more exquisite views on the left as I headed up, I really had some time to reflect. What an achievement! I pursued my journey around the gardens, taking breaks here and there to absorb the beauty in what I was seeing. It was simply stunning.

At the end of my time at the Castle, I headed to the Gift Shop. I bought a few gifts for people and myself a few souvenirs before heading to my lift back to the beach. Now, I had to get a boat. This terrified me. Hands down the most anxiety rendering part of my adventure on this day. I was terrified. I called several people and waited for four boats to go by before finding one that had dogs on it. Yep. I am that person. Find dogs and you are safe! I climbed on, with the help of a lovely man who also hates water! Him and his partner allowed me to sit with them as I did my breathing exercises and tried to remain calm. Low and behold, I actually enjoyed the brief boat journey!

Back on dry land, I headed into a lovely restaurant were I indulged in a Fish and Chips with Tartar sauce, all modified to suit my dietary requirements. It was delicious!

I headed back to my car, and made the journey back to my accommodation where I video called my Family to tell them the exciting adventure I had accomplished. For any of you that are lone travelling, stay safe and keep in contact with loved ones. It can get lonely, but know that you can do this. We can do this. The world is glorious <3

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