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My brother has been to Portsmouth a few times since his teens to see the Ships that are there and open to the public. He has mentioned a few times how great the place is and how I needed to see it. So, he took a week off for his Birthday and we decided to go on a few adventures. First one started with a trip to Portsmouth so that I could see the Ships for myself.

We arrived in Portsmouth and it was super easy to park up and head over to the first Ship; around a 2 minute walk. You have to pay at the entrance first, which then allows you to walk around all the Ships depending on what type of ticket you purchased. We purchased tickets that allowed us to explore the HMS Warrior and the HMS Victory, and then later purchased a ticked for the museum of the Mary Rose. I will blog about each one to break it down for you.

The HMS Warrior is over 150 years old and was launched in 1860. The Ship is huge, with so much to see and learn about. Watch out though, the stairs are steep and mind your head!

An interesting part was learning about the earnings and prices of things back in 1961. A two bedroom house would cost £250. The earnings of an Able Seaman was £29 per year. A Carpenter would earn 6s 7d per day which the equivalent to 33p in todays money.

Take a look below at a few of the images I captured on my way around.

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