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... following on from my last post, HMS Victory! Lord Nelson's Flagship, at the Battle of Trafalgar, October 1805. The entrance to the Ship has wonderful gold detailing framing a crown with glorious colouring. This ship took six years to build, with four masts and 104 guns. As a whole, the Ship is huge, very intimidating and obviously very powerful, costing around £63,176 which today would be the equivalent of a staggering £50,000,000.

After boarding the Ship, it isn't long before you are standing in the exact spot that Lord Nelson fell after being shot by a musket ball. There is a golden plaque imbedded into the flooring to honour his memory. As you walk down the stairs to a lower deck, you are greeted by large guns all lined up with everything you would need to fire one in a rush. It's truly amazing to see the conditions that people lived in back then. Around 821 men were on the Ship at the time of the Battle of Trafalgar. The sound of these guns would be so loud that men's ears would bleed.

Even further down within the Ship, a lady was sat teaching people about the surgery and medical attention given at the time. 109 men suffered horrendous injuries during the battle and around 11 required immediate amputation which would be carried out by surgeon William Beatty. 62 men died. The bodies of the injured and deceased would be kept on the deck, a lamp marks the position that Lord Nelson died.

The Ship has mounds of History, an unusual vibe and a fantastic amount to see and learn. Below are some of the images I managed to capture.

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