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Facing Fears

So, I have only ever posted work related blogs on this site.

I am now on an adventure.

My own personal adventure.


I want to blog as much as I can while being away.

The plan as it stand at the moment is:








South End

These are the places I am planning on staying and visiting over the next three weeks. On my own. For those of you who know me, please forgive me for probably being a huge pain in the arse. For those of you who don't know me, I struggle with some health issues, and these became problematic just before the trip started. I didn't even know if I could go ahead with it.

This blog post is aimed at those facing their fears. Those people who have huge battles going on that most people don't know about. This trip for me, means being on my own for long periods of time. That scares the utter crap out of me! My own company? Listening to my own mind? What!? But guess what? After a huge kick up the backside by a select few friends and my GP, I am here. The journey has begun. I am not going to plan ahead. I am not going to look forward to any of it. Why? Because I am going to take each individual step as it comes. I am literally going to be in the moment. The now. Each moment at a time.

So if you want to, I would love for you to follow my journey. There will be ups, and there will be downs, accompanied by photos of myself and the lovely Toffee.

This is Toffee, my side kick :)

First stop is Bristol. I have spent the first day with my friend Danni. We had a lovely afternoon in Bristol before I headed to my first accommodation. The Annex that I am staying in is a gorgeous little place with a patio area for me to walk straight out onto when I wake up.

I love the little things they have added here; there is a bookcase filled with books, a cute little sofa and a gorgeous mirror with a ring light!

Half way through this post my laptop decided to do an hour update. Why?! So it's going up a little later than I had hoped.

The idea for the morning is to wake up and head into BATH.

It seems like a glorious place to visit, so I think it's time to get some sleep and see what tomorrow brings


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