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Elle and dan

Tuesday arrived, and the weather was... well... dreary! We wouldn't expect anything else in England right? Alas I kitted up, armed with my Canon 80D and my Canon 450D, with very different lenses on both. The aim was to capture dreamy images with also a fashiony vibe to them. The doorbell rang and I was greeted by my delightful couple of the day; Elle and Dan. I grabbed my coat and we set off into Reading. I knew there was an interesting and quite abstract bridge near by and I wanted to get some shots using this. It is very angular, and has great lines and precision, which is fantastic for fashionesque images.

Let me tell you more about my subjects for the day. This lovely young couple have only recently become an item but have known each other for many years. Love works in very mysterious ways! I have known Elle for a few years myself, and she has accompanied me on many photo sessions as a make up artist. She is fabulous!

Take a look through the wonderful images that we created together on a surprisingly pleasant day. We even had blue skies in the end!

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