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Durdle Door

Phew! I finally have some time to sit down and fill you in on my adventures. Recently the Photography business has bloomed which is fabulous! Thank you for the support so far, it means huge amounts to me!

So while I was away in July, if you follow my Instagram, you would have noticed that I went to Durdle Door. What a stunning location!! Here is how the day went.

I woke up after a wonderful evening in Bournemouth; a friend came to visit and we went for dinner and had a lovely walk around the beach before heading to a cocktail bar for some mocktails. The new accommodation was fabulous, a lovely little converted garage with the most comfortable bed! I had decided that today was the day to try and even out my awful tan. I never tan, but this Summer has definitely made that change! I set off after packing my beach bag with the essentials; towel, water and sun spray! Being fully prepared, I popped my Mickey Mouse bikini on with a bright orange/peach dress over the top; nice and breezy and convenient for the beach. Who else has been loving being able to leave the house with wet hair and it drying in minutes by the heat?!

I jumped in the car, and set off on the 50 minute drive to Durdle Door. I was so excited! I had wanted to go to Durdle Door for such a long time, but wasn't quite sure what to expect. The drive was so much nicer than I had expected after I had actually gotten out of Bournemouth. I don't like driving in Bournemouth. I find the drivers to be rude and very impatient. I guess they get a lot of Holiday goers, so they get grumpy with people who don't know the area.

I arrived at my location, and the sun was shining. It was so hot! I paid for 6 hours at the car park which I think was a little optimistic, alas I wasn't sure how long I would be there so it's better to be over prepared right? The walk was fairly long. And all down hill. It was more about the height. I am scared of heights but I held it together under the beautiful sun, knowing that once I reached my destination, it would be worth it.

And there it was. It really is incredible. The views took my breath away and for a moment I couldn't believe I was actually there, finally! I had unfortunately forgotten to take my camera, but I got some photos on my phone before it overheated and had to be switched off for a while. Which to be honest, was wonderful. No social media. Just me, the beach, and some amazing views.

The beach was fairly busy, which I wasn't surprised by as it was so stunning! Take a look below at some of the wonderful views. I will return one day with my camera!

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