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Bodmin Jail

I am a lover of all things creepy and a little bit weird. So when I saw that there was an old jail only just down the road from my accommodation, I simply had to go. I had the morning to relax and take my time as the jail doesn't close until 8pm, so there was plenty of time to dordle, and I really can be a dordler.

I arrived in Bodmin, and parked up. Unfortunately, the parking at the Jail is for disabled customers only, so I had to find a carpark elsewhere. Luckily, they aren't expensive and they are within walking distance. However saying this, my sat-nav on my phone took me in all directions, taking me over 15 mins to get there from the car park! This wouldn't have been too bad, but up hills in the recent heat wave was a challenge. I finally found the Jail, which wasn't easy to find. It is hidden away up a nice steep hill, but when I arrived, I headed straight to the cafe to get some food and have a well earned rest.

The cafe itself is lovely with a gothic vibe to it. The staff helped me with my dietary requirements, making sure I could have my chosen meal as a gluten and dairy free option.

It arrived at the table, and it was delicious. Never had mushy peas before and honestly they aren't as bad as you may think!

After my very yummy meal, I headed into the Jail. I was so so excited. I have heard the place is haunted and that they have had paranormal investigators attend the place. I felt like a kid in a sweet shop; or rather an odd lady in a haunted jail... the first room was already very creepy. Throughout the Jail, there are mannequins and signs with information about what happened there and also what would have been the "norm" for past times. Sometimes I find that mannequins can be distracting, and even though these ones weren't very well made, they made the visit more entertaining. They really showed the horrors of past times.

The path is easy to follow around, and low and behold I was literally the only person in the Jail at this time. That just added to the creepiness of the experience which I was fine with. I like to keep myself on my toes sometimes. It's funny because my anxiety feels more at ease in these places.

As I explored, I found out that as a rule, most of the prisoners had to have a bath once every three months. Seeing the facilities was no shock to me but it really was dreadful and fascinating. The path lead around to boards that showed images of the executioners, most famous one being Albert Pierrepoint, carrying out an estimate of over nearly 500 executions in his life. Another famous face on the board was John Babbacombe Lee; the man who had served three hanging attempts. It's all very morbid, but so incredibly fascinating. Moving around, I was lead to a motion activated presentation on Selina Wadge. Selina was one of the four woman to be hung at Bodmin Jail for murdering her own child.

There are three levels at the jail, but the creepiest by far was the basement. I ventured down there on my own, and was instantly greeted by cold air. I mean a breeze. There was nowhere for a breeze to come from. I ignored it and carried on with my camera. Within moments of being down here, my camera decided to stop working. Rumour has it that paranormal entities can interfere with cameras and other technology. That mixed with the cold air and the fact I was alone in the basements of a haunted jail, I walked back upstairs again! I managed to get some great images upstairs and on the middle level, and once I had realised the only place left was in fact the basement again, I decided to brave it. And I was not disappointed. Take a look at the photos below, and if you find yourself in Cornwall anytime soon, go take a look at Bodmin Jail. It's not a big attraction and it doesn't take long to look around. But it's very interesting and informative and has a very creepy atmosphere.

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