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A dairy and Gluten free easter

Easter is just around the corner!

I am a huge chocolate lover, but unfortunately, dairy and gluten hates me (Crohns Disease can have that effect on you!) So I have made it my mission, to make it as pain free as possible, with some dairy and gluten free goodies to enjoy.

ASDA, Sainsburys, Tesco and CO OP have been my saviours, providing some fantastic alternatives ready for me to indulge in. Take a look below at some of the images I have taken before tucking into these yummy treats! I will admit, I have gone a little crazy with the Easter Eggs this year. Alas, I am in need of a chocolatey treat... or four...

Dairy Free
Moo Free Original Egg and Bag of Choccy Drops | Easter Bunnycomb Egg | Organic Cheeky Orange

Moo Free Salted Caramel Easter Egg

Dairy Free and Gluten Free. Yummy chocolate with honeycomb pieces.
Mini Moos Bunny Comb

Gluten Free and Dairy Free
Genius Double Chocolate Muffins

Raw Chocolate Brownie
Livvia's Kitchen Nugglets

Yummy dairy and gluten free alternative to chocolate sauce and chocolate spread
Sweet Freedom Choc Shot and Choc Pot

Yummy marshmallow bunnies
Mallow Bunnies

These are some of the tasty treats that I am currently enjoying. Along with CO OP Chocolate Mousse pots and I am ready to test the Tesco Chocolate Eclairs (Frozen Isle).

I love to try new and easily digestible foods which are tummy friendly, so keep a look out for more food posts to come, including some home baking!

Beyond Our Wildest <3

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