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What a wonderful city. The idea was to see The Roman Baths. I arrived in Bath, parked up, managing to steal the last space in the car park, score! And then set the sat nav up to get me to The Roman Baths. After stopping off on the way to get my Mum some postcards (it has been her request that I collect postcards from each place I visit), I finally found what I was after. And it was rammed. I mean over 100 people were queuing. I was gutted. It was very warm and there was no way I could have stood in the heat. I decided I would return later in the afternoon. I was going to see The Roman Baths!

I went into an adorable little shop with lots of Peter Rabbit teddies and other Beatrix Potter characters. They were beautiful. I asked the shop assistant what time the tour buses were and where I could catch one. Why not eh? Sit on a bus and be shown a wonderful city; sounds pretty ideal. She gave me a leaflet and low and behold the bus stop was literally around the corner.

The tour was £15 for two tours on two different buses. The first tour showed me around Bath itself. Teaching me about it's history and showing the beauty in such a glorious place.

The second tour was on the outskirts, showing the surroundings and how equally stunning it all is. I managed to capture some fab photos.

When the tour had finished I starving, so I ended up going to Tapas Revolution. Never been. I have to say, being Gluten and Dairy free can be hard but people really do try to help as much as they can. The waiter was a little confused but we managed to get something sorted.

After have a lovely light lunch, I headed back to The Roman Baths were the que was now 10 people... my plan had worked! Alas that is for another post. For now see the images below of the wonderful city of Bath, and also what I had for lunch :)

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