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Couple Engagement Photography

What or who is "Beyond Our Wildest" you may ask? 

I am Becky, a photographer and artist exploring the world through my camera. Currently living in the beautiful countryside of Oxfordshire, UK. 


From my early teens I was fascinated with photography, art, poetry; anything and everything creative. I hit the age of sixteen and this is when I got my first digital camera. It was from that day, I knew that I wanted to explore and create a life beyond my wildest dreams within art and photography. Expressing myself and hopefully inspiring others. Along the way I have been lucky enough to meet many other creative individuals and personalities.


So, what do I do exactly?


I love to capture those special moments. Those moments that when you see them again in a photograph, you remember everything you felt, smelt, saw and heard in that exact second. From weddings to travel photography, I am passionate about capturing that perfect moment in time.


Painting is also a huge passion of mine. I create one of a kind commissioned pieces for wall décor, gifts and anything in between. These can be personalised to suit your needs and requirements. I enjoy using Acrylic and Ink on a variety of materials, experimenting to produce unique pieces. 

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